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Also check out theBound to Patriotism Facebook Group. They have been a vital group of patriots in this event and have provide some great on the ground updates. The Reagan Wing Website is also a trusted source for the Bundy Ranch events.

Thank you for everyone’s support, updates and prayers. We are thankful there has been a peaceful resolution (for now).  It was encouraging to see patriots banning together and standing for liberty! Be safe- Radio Free Redoubt

We are still providing updates as the come in:

(4/16) CALL TO STAND FROM OATH KEEPERS [Video Above] Video Credit: Gavin Seim

Every American NEEDS to see this video [above]. What an example of a quintessential Patriot!


(As of 4/14 6:30PM) Battle of Bunkerville update from the ground, 6:30PM, Monday. Despite the constant and ridiculous rumors, all is calm. We are having a prayer meeting right now in a gravel pit led by Chuck Baldwin. Thankful for today’s peace. Lots to report. We are not stopping with the Bundy ranch. This weekend is pivotal for America and it’s time to stand for liberty. – Gavin Seim

(4/14 3:30 PM)Matt Shea and Liberty Representatives Speaking From Bundy Ranch

(4/14 1:20pm) Live feed from the Bundy Ranch- Videos from livestream press conference

(4/14 10:00am added) John Jacob Schmidt Show – Titled “Bundy Ranch Updates and AmRRON”

(4/14 9:13 am) We are hearing “all is calm” at the Bundy Ranch- Bound to Patriotism Facebook Group

(added 4/14 5:00pm) What you are not being told about Bundy Ranch Video Below: 

northwest liberty news
North West Liberty News interviewed Oath Keepers Founder, Stewart Rhodes on the Bundy Ranch Situation: “We Know it’s not over” (added 4/13 8:00pm)

[Audio Recording] BLM agent Dan Love and Pete Santilli threaten mutual arrest

 Video from the stand off yesterday (added 4/13)


From Gerald Rhoades, OathKeepers president in Arizona reporting at 1500 PDT:

I just got off the phone with Joel Alcott who is traveling with Lyle Rapacki and 3 AZ legislators on their way up to the Bundy Ranch. He informed me that Lyle had talked with Mack less than 15 minutes ago via cell phone and that all is well.
Mack is on the scene with Stewart and they are negotiating some things.
Bundy is talking with the local sheriff.Bundy is getting his cattle back.BLM is pulling out.No hints of any trouble out in the bush.I-15 was closed and may or may not still be closed going into Mesquite.Lyle’s team is getting ready to pull out of Kingman and head on up with a stop in Vegas.Credit for the BLM stand down is being given to the Coalition of Western States Legislators which Rhodes and Mack were there to support.That is the latest for now.

Update from North West Liberty News “Looks like a Victory” –>> HERE

cows2The “cows coming home”- Image from Bundy Ranch Facebook page 3:01pm

Timeline of Events:

matt shea

(4/12 2:19pm) Latest from Matthew Shea 

(4/12 1:53pm) Latest from Bundy Ranch Facebook Page 
CONFIRMATION:One of the Bundy girls that was on site told me that once the BLM gets packed up and leaves we will be able to round up our cattle! This was confirmed at the time and it was the last word we had. Thank you for holding off!

(4/12 1:17pm) update from Gavin on the ground

Latest update from Gavin Seim via Facebook

Nevada Highway Patrol – Southern Command Live Audio Feed– Thank you, Kate

Newest updates from Alex Jones [several photos]

Sounds like situation is heating up. We are waiting for confirmation from our contacts on the ground.


bundy ranch (4/12 11:53am) Bundy Ranch Facebook Page


Update from Gavin Seim on location: 11:40am “Right now on ground. We have not confirmed BLM pullout. Hundreds are going up to block interstate and take cattle back. It’s not good. Pray.”  click HERE for video feed from Gavin as available


As Feds Withdraw From Bundy Ranch, Armed Cowboys Move Out to Reclaim Cattle [article] —>>HERE


Pete Santilli show Live Feed–>> HERE


InfoWars [breaking news] article and video “Clark Co. Sheriff Announces BLM will cease operation, open land to public”.—>> Click HERE  


Fox news update from Joe for America—>> Video HERE


Infowars has livestream going —>> CLICK HERE


(4/12 10:00am) BREAKING NEWS: BLM ends roundup of Bundy cattle


New Video: HERE “Sheriff Gillespie is at the Bundy ranch and we believe he is about to speak. We’re live streaming here” Gavin Seim


Update from the ranch: The cell service and internet at the ranch is not being shut down. It is overloaded with traffic. If you are headed there, consider alternative communications. 4/12 6am


BLOCKBUSTER: Straight from a rancher’s mouth [article]

airspace FAA Closed airspace over Bundy Ranch [details] support cliven bundy photo credit: we support Cliven Bundy bundy1 photo credit: bound to patriotism   Nevada Rancher Renews Fight Against Big Gov: Fox News Hannity

Bundy Ranch [Bundy Ranch Blog Site]