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2nd Amendment Rally 19 April

2nd Amendment Rally– Kootenai County Fairgrounds
Held on Patriots Day!
This is an open-carry event with “gun show” rules applying to long guns

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North West Liberty News Interview with OathKeepers Founder, Stuart Rhodes

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I Will Not Comply-by Phoenix Dissent

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Letter Sent to AmRRON Members:

One of the biggest frustrations of the Emergency Communications community (ARES/RACES) is that they get lots of people signing up, but people drag their feet when it comes to actually getting involved.

Perhaps our (my) expectations weren’t made clear. If that is the case, then I accept responsibility and wish to correct it here and now.

Here are my expectations. After seeking counsel I will make any necessary changes and it will be incorporated into the AmRRON Protocol and the forthcoming AmRRON guide and adopted as policy and SOP (Standard — or standing — Operating Procedures). People need to know that if there’s an AmRRON operator nearby, they can breathe easy because they have communications.

Ham operators are a dime a dozen. AmRRON Operators are not. They are a unique and critical asset to patriots on every level.
An AmRRON operator is a patriot first and foremost, who is committed to Americanism and the principles that made us free, including all of our founding documents.
An AmRRON Operator is not just a licensed ham operator. He is a dedicated patriot communicator who may use Amateur Radio, CB, FRS, MURS, GMRS, and any combination thereof to make sure communications happen, at all costs. He is not reckless, but he places the mission before his own interests, including his life.
He will use all of his experience/knowledge, equipment, and resources to complete the mission, will continuously strive to improve his equipment, capabilities and skillset and teach others to do the same.
He is not just immersed in ‘Emcomms’ for disaster response. He committed to supporting the patriots in their efforts to prepare for, survive, recover, and rebuild from a major crisis, including natural disasters, manmade disasters, war, societal/governmental collapse, and tyranny.
He will gather intelligence using every means and method at his disposal and pass that along to others to help their fellow countrymen avoid danger.
He will act as a relay for lower-echelon communications and pass it up the chain, and visa-versa. He is committed to making sure a message gets to it’s destination, or to the masses for wide distribution, depending on the circumstances.
He, above all, will be the communications experts for patriot leaders who rely on accurate, timely, and reliable communications to effectively and efficiently coordinate efforts and make informed decisions.
The AmRRON Operator looks for opportunities to serve, before, during, and after an incident. He will accept guidance and where there is none, will take the initiative to see what needs to be done and do it. When called upon, he will respond to requests for his services and if he cannot serve in a certain capacity for any number of reasons, he will at least give the courtesy of stating so. This will assist greatly with leadership who are trying to get an accurate assessment of what assets are available.
The AmRRON Operators conduct/participate in regular nets where they exist, and start them where they do not. Even if he is the only one who participates in his net for weeks or months on end, he is there. AmRRON Operator = Commitment.

The leaders who are there were nervous that things could escalate. There are rumors now that communications are in fact being disrupted by DHS, with cell phone tower communications being selectively cut, and checkpoints where guns have actually been seized. This has come to me from two unrelated sources. I’m trying to gain additional confirmation, but what we were concerned about seems to be happening. They need communications support.

Our leaders were greatly relieved to hear that AmRRON Operators in that area (5 of them) have been alerted and have been asked to stand by in the event that they need communications support. Now the Oathkeepers communications teams are asking to be put in contact with the AmRRON operators to coordinate communications efforts and I’ve heard back from ONE AmRRON operator.

PLEASE, let me know if you:

– Are able to go to the location to make contact with the leaders and establish a communications post and start nets

– Are not able to travel there but are willing to monitor for activity and act as a relay to pass messages in and out of the AO

– Are willing to begin coordinating with other AMRRON operators on the list above in case additional support is needed, even if only remotely from your home QTH.

– Are NOT ABLE or interested in getting involved with this situation at this time. (due to distance, comms capabilities, etc), but are very much in support of the overall AmRRON mission.

– Simply cannot because of life circumstances, but you are very much in support of the overall AmRRON mission.

– Have decided that AmRRON was something different and wish to be removed from the AmRRON member directory.

Thank you all for your patriotism. God bless each of you, and remember to pray for our leadership. They have a difficult task ahead of them in their attempt to find a solution there in Bunkerville.


John Jacob


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