The Emerging Safe Haven and Refuge for God-Fearing, Liberty-Loving Patriots.

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Re·doubt: noun \ri-ˈdau̇t\ 1b :
A defended position : Protective barrier 2: A secure retreat : STRONGHOLD) — Merriam-Webster


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More from JJS on the American Redoubt, in “John Jacob” terms:

Imagine the sea-level of the oceans rising at a rate of 50 feet in elevation per day … across the globe. Naturally, out of self-preservation, any creature in its right mind would be compelled to move to higher ground for safety.

No matter how persistent the efforts to build levies with bulldozers and fill sandbags, the waters rush in, over, and through every countermeasure. Eventually, the creatures congregate to safe havens and places of refuge.

Now think of the rising water in human societal and cultural terms. There has already been a shift of people moving to “higher ground,” socially speaking of course. Conservative, God-fearing men and women who love liberty and traditional American ideals are moving to safe havens and joining those already in places of refuge. The waters of Marxism, Communism, Socialism, Humanism, Existentialism, Globalism, Islamo-fascism, anti-Americanism, and “Tolerance” are rising.

Christianity, Biblical doctrine and traditional American values are under attack from an increasingly hostile and intolerant “ism” culture.

Most certainly one of the most significant demographic shifts in the United States today is the movement of people with fundamental American and Judeo-Christian value systems moving into the inland Pacific Northwest. Particularly, this retreat to higher ground encompasses Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Eastern Oregon, and Eastern Washington.

It’s hardly visible, as a strong current under the surface. But it’s there. That, my friends, is the American Redoubt. A stronghold. A safe haven. A refuge.


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