We have mentioned the Appalachian Redoubt on the John Jacob Schmidt Show, and also had readers asking about it. Here is a resource page for the Appalachian Redoubt:

appalachian redoubt

The Appalachian Redoubt:

“The Redoubt is based on a 1921 survey of the “Appalachian Region” based on ethnicity, traditions and culture. It is centered on the Appalachian Mountains, and includes part of the Appalachian Basin to the south. It is bounded on the north by the Mason-Dixon region, and includes 80% of American coal production.”  Photo credit: Max Velocity Tactical



Resources for the Appalachian Redoubt:

The Appalachian Redoubt with operational intelligence- Guerrilla America– Although not new, this concept of the Appalachian Redoubt finally got the attention it deserves.

The East Coast Retreat Dilemma–  Tennessee Cumberland Plateau the “redoubt of the East,” and it is my highest rated area for retreats near the East Coast. In a meltdown of the social order, by the time refugees get through the first mountain range and the numerous mountain rifts that confront them—before seeing the 1000 foot high Cumberland Plateau, they will be highly motivated to stay on the valley floor with its promise of food and civilization