From Left: David Taylor (WA); Barry Weller (AZ); Michele Fiore (NV); Robert Corbell (AZ); Matt Shea (WA)

From Left: David Taylor (WA); Barry Weller (AZ); Michele Fiore (NV); Robert Corbell (AZ); Matt Shea (WA)

Mesquite, NV (RBN) — A newly-formed coalition of state legislators, sheriffs, other representatives and leaders in the patriot community has been announced today (4/14) at the site of the recently-liberated Bundy Ranch.  The new alliance, called the Coalition of Western States, was  joined today by an additional 20 state legislators from Idaho, Montana, Washington, Utah, Arizona, and Nevada.  They’ve vowed to stand their ground, along with their fellow countrymen, to fight back against the war on rural America and the plundering of land by an increasingly overreaching federal government.

The announcement made at the Bundy Ranch site,  just outside Mesquite, NV was led off by Rep. Matt Shea (WA).

Shea said that one of the main goals was to facilitate the transfer of public lands back to the state level, and to have the states and counties manage the lands, “not far-away Washington DC”.

Michele Fiore, Assemblywoman, District 4, Nevada had a reason to join the coalition.  This recent event virtually happened in her back yard.  Fiore stressed the importance of getting to know who’s running for office.  She urged the people to ask tough questions and find out where the candidates stood on the issues, “and know they’ll stand on the front lines when a disaster like this is about to happen.”

Barry Weller, Vice Chairman, District III, Apache County Board of Supervisors (County Commissioner equivalent) Called for the thousands of other supervisors to stand up for their citizens.  “we are like the sheriff, we are to protect our citizens, not to rule over them and [tell] them what to do.  We’re here to protect them.  We need to stand with them, and to protect them.”

Rep. David Taylor, 15th District, WA said “Folks, the time for action is right now.”  They intend to govern at the local level so the [county commissioners] have a seat at the negotiating table, and so they can tell when a something like the Bundy situation is about to happen before it happens.

Taylor ended by saying, “We’ve been asked why we made the trip down from Washington.  Folks, it’s real simple, if we don’t stand up right now for our neighbors, there won’t be anybody left when they come for us.  God bless all of you.”

Matt Shea had a final statement:  “For everybody watching today, I think one of the most important lessons out of this is if we stand on principles, Americans, we don’t give up, we don’t back down, we win.  That’s why we all have to be involved and it’s going to take all of us.  Not just legislators.  Not just sheriffs, but every single American and restore a God-honoring, constitutional republic”

His closing statements were met with applause from the onlookers.  Now, the rest of us need to be ready to stand behind them and purge the representatives who refuse to get in the fight to save our western states from this scam called ‘Federal Lands.’

This announcement was broke first by independent, alternative-news journalist Gavin Seim, from Washington State, who traveled to Nevada to make sure unfiltered reports about the truth of what was happening there got out to the masses.

Radio Free Redoubt relied heavily on Gavin Seim and the team from Bound To Patriotism for up-to-date, no frills reporting of the events as they unfolded in the past week.