I could be wrong, but doesn’t she look like the typical puffy alchoholic?  She just has that look.  Just an observation.  Anyway…  Who the heck does she think she is?  She’s from California!  She’s not MY representative.  What an arrogant leftist hag!  (It’s so hard to be a Christian, the way I feel sometimes).  The following story is from the Washington Post.

FeinsteinSen. Dianne Feinstein’s office confirmed that she will be introducing in the Senate Thursday [24 Jan 2013] a new version of the so-called assault weapon ban. A spokesman said the full text will be released at a press conference on Thursday.

The California Democrat intends to expand on the ban that expired in 2004, by including handguns and shotguns, in addition to rifles. She would decrease from two to one the number of cosmetic features on a gun to have it be considered an “assault weapon.” This means that if a gun has just one item like a pistol grip or bayonet lug, then it is illegal. Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed into law the same ban in New York last week.

Furthermore, instead of grandfathering in current firearms, she would create a national gun registry for the government to track lawful gun owners. Magazines would again be limited to 10 rounds.

Read more: http://p.washingtontimes.com/blog/guns/2013/jan/22/miller-national-assault-weapon-ban-coming-thursday/#.UQAe2NibN-k.facebook#ixzz2IrW4Pfa3


Action Plan:

1. Contact your elected officials (ALL OF THEM!) this week.

2. Excuse No. 1 Removed:  “I don’t know who they are and how to get hold of them.”  You can find out who they are and how to contact them at:

     A)   http://www.congress.org/congressorg/dbq/officials/

     B)   http://www.usa.gov/Contact/Elected.shtml

3.  Excuse No. 2 Removed:  “They Don’t Listen”

     A)  Gun Appreciation Rallies across the country featured speakers consisting of Sheriffs, State Legislators, State Senators, ect.  They are paying attention!  Act while you have their attention!

     B)  If YOUR representative is anti gun, they need to hear from you loudly.

4.  In either case, tell them:

     A) You demand they adopt identical (or nearly so) legislation that is being proposed in states such as Wyoming, Arizona, and Utah, designed to nullify any new gun control legislation, rendering any such legislation as Non-enforcable.

     B)  Include criminal code making it a felony for any federal agent, employee, or other personnel from enforcing federal firearms restrictions in your state.

     C)  Demand that they also include provisions allowing the State Prosecuting Attorney to defend it’s state citizens in any civil or legal proceedings resulting in charges related to new federal firearms “laws.”

5.  Contact your Sheriff (the highest law enforcement power in the state):

       A)  Demand that they uphold the constitution and protect the citizens in your state/county from federal enforcement of any new (unconstitutional) restrictions on firearms ownership.

     B)  Demand they pursue and adopt similar resolutions as that which was recently announced in Utah, by the Utah Sheriff’s Association:   http://fox13now.com/2013/01/19/utah-sheriffs-take-stance-on-gun-control/


The Sheriff’s in Utah have vowed to fight to the death in defense of the constitution, and especially the 2nd Amendment.  Where does your sheriff stand?  If he hasn’t spoken up, tell him he needs to …and soon!


Let us know what is happening in YOUR neck of the woods.  We want to develop a 2nd Amendment Score card for our elected officials, including our Sheriffs.  Email us at JohnJacob@RadioFreeRedoubt.com

Also, DEMAND that your elected officials be PROACTIVE on this issue.  Send them the message that if they sit to wait and see what everyone else is doing, and then jump on the politically expedient bandwagon, then you find it wholly unacceptable.


Tell them, with regard to defending the constitution:

“Don’t be the representative that follows other leaders.  Be the leader that others follow.”


UPDATE 0915hrs (Pacific)

…And here it is, as promised.  Dripping with emotion (the only way they can push their agenda):  http://www.c-span.org/Events/Senators-Announce-Gun-Control-Legislation/10737437544-1/