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butch_otterOur beloved Governor Butch Otter is on the wrong side of the Obamacare Exchange system. Please contact your legislator and tell them you are opposed to Idaho setting up its exchange. The exchange is the most crucial step to instituting Obamacare in Idaho.

This link below lays out arguments against the governor. http://idahofreedom.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/Health-Insurance-Exchange-Myths-response1.pdf

Here are some phone numbers. Be polite but firm! All but 2 are republicans, labeled: (D).


District 1 (Boundary Co and the northern half of Bonner Co)

Sen Shawn Keough 208-263-1839

Rep Eric Anderson 208-443-1201

Rep George Eskridge 208-265-0123


District 2 (southern Bonner Co, Shoshone Co & Benewah Co)

Sen Seve Vick 208-not listed

Rep Vito Barbieri 208-762-3737

Rep Ed Morse 208-667-5583


District 3 (northern Kootenai Co: Hayden, Athol, Dalto Gdns)

Sen Bob Nonini 208-765-1904

Rep Ron Mendive 208-not listed

Rep Franf Henderson 208-773-2269


District 4 (CdA)

Sen John Gedde 208-664-9223

Rep Luke Malek 208-661-3881

Rep Kathleen Sims 208-640-1154


District 5 So Kootenai Co)

Sen Dan Schmidt (D) 208-882-6328

Rep Lucinda Agidius 208-301-0246

Rep Shirley Ringo (D) 208-883-1005


If you want to email your Senator use this link, find their name and click on email: http://legislature.idaho.gov/senate/membership.cfm

if you want to email your Representative use this link, find their name and click on email: http://legislature.idaho.gov/house/membership.cfm

John Mackey


Please read the document from IFF.  Wayne clarifies the facts.

Please support your constuents in their fight to stop the exchanges.



Pam Stout

Idaho State Co-Coordinator for Tea Party Patriots