Rene’ Holaday wrote her first Congressional Bill before she even thought about running for Congress.  That first Bill is officially titled “The STOP Child Trafficking Bill” and has since been dubbed “The Checkmate Bill” as it actually BANS Electronic Voting Machines and Mail-in Ballots Nation-wide as the method used in order to STOP Child Trafficking, and also results in Securing the Border.

Her second Congressional Bill was just written a couple weeks ago to remove the United States Code that allows Illegal Aliens to vote, called “H.B Prohibition of Illegal Immigrant Voting Bill.”

Below is a re-posting of her first Bill, and her new second Bill, followed by her Introduction Letter to her first Bill that people also copy/pasted/printed when they sent that Bill to their own Congressmen.

Here is the link for her FIRST BILL:

Here is the most recent SECOND BILL (Ban Illegal Immigrants from Voting) (Full Text):

Here is the link to her Introduction Letter for her FIRST BILL

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