This article was sent in by AmRRON operator Sierra3363-
Will Connecticut be the next Lexington Green? With the draconian gun laws that have been enacted by that state and the fact that the liberty minded gun owners have lawfully disobeyed the unconstitutional law, the powder keg was packed, primed and fused.
Governor Malloy is threatening an all-out confiscation of legally owned firearms in the wake of the passage of “Assault Weapons and High Capacity Magazine Registration Law”. The turn out of residents to register, was abysmal at best and the Hartford Courant is calling for the governor to get those bad people who own guns.
Keep these people in your prayers. Hopefully they will get justice and not need the assistance of those outside the razor wire border the legislature of Connecticut has strung.  There is added hope, since there are LEOs (Law Enforcement Officers) that  will abide by their oaths (Thank you to all the Oath Keepers).
When will people learn, that people who want to take away your freedoms, your liberties and the right to the tools of self-preservation are suffering from a sickness? It is a deadly disease that will kill us all. Of the estimated 370,000 semi-automatic weapons in Connecticut, and well over a MILLION “large capacity magazines” only 108 gun owners are being sent letters of compliance.
Why only 108? Because that is a “manageable number” of sufficient size that will prompt others to turn in, abandon or relinquish their weapons. The carnage that will follow in a confrontation with individual gun owners WILL cause people to quake at the knees and cave in or for those that have prepared and banded together it may usher in a new revolution.
Whether or not the Governor lights the fuse to this powder keg by compelling some “officers” to make entry and confiscate (kill the owner, the dogs and whoever else is in the house) remains to be seen.
Registration leads to confiscation… This has played out many times over the past century, with Turkish Armenians and specifically with Hitler and the Jews. But what if the Jews had had their own lists? What if they knew where the local government officials lived, badged and badgeless, and had put in place orders of “quid pro quo”? Would that have changed the outcome? Unfortunately for over 6 million people, we will never know.
Let us hope that events unfold for the morale high road. Pray that men in the trenches know that men who are politically motivated are a cancer. Pray that the men in the trenches have the common sense to know a moral dilemma when it is presented to them and have the backbone to stand up for the “tango” that has done NOTHING wrong, except to purchase the tools of protection for his or her family and ABIDE BY THE CONSTITUTION OF these UNITED STATES.