A controversial [unconstitutional & unlawful] city ordinance to ban “assault weapons, bump stocks and high capacity magazines” passed the Boulder City Council unanimously on first reading Thursday night after more than five hours of public testimony on both sides of the issue. As written, the ban would require anyone legally possessing anything under the ban to either register that gun with the Boulder Police Department (fee charged) or surrender it for destruction.

The first reading passage is not a final decision. The Council could make changes on second or even a third reading before it becomes law. Councilwoman Jill Adler Grano, who asked for the ordinance, called the ban a “no brainer.” “I don’t see this as taking away Second Amendment rights,” Grano said. “The Second Amendment does not protect assault weapons. There have been hundreds and hundreds of mass shootings in America. This is a long overdue proposal. I think it’s time to say enough, not in the city of Boulder.”
Boulder City Council passes gun ban on first reading

Note: The introductory overview presentation was given by Tom Carr, the City Attorney.  He has been the City Attorney since 2010. Carr has served assistant U.S. attorney for New York’s eastern district, and he was Seattle’s city attorney from 2003 to 2009. He earned his law degree from New York Law School and a bachelor’s degree in sociology from St. John’s University. [ perfect attourney to protect your rights (sarcasm)]

photo credit: Brady Robinson


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