The Partisan Spot Report-If You See Something, Say Something!

The ability to make good decisions, form sound strategies, and adapt effective tactics to fit the situation depends on good (useful) intelligence.  The better the intelligence, the better the ability to make good decisions.

We receive (and appreciate) information, tips, and reports of observations and first-hand experiences from Redoubters & Patriots from all over the country on a regular basis.  The difficult task is the separating of the wheat from the chaff.  What’s useful, and what’s not.  What to keep, what to discard.  Depending on the information, use the SITREP or SPOT REPORT to send in intelligence:

What is a SITREP(Situation Report)?

It is a way to relay news, information, and updates about a developing or ongoing situation.  It allows for a quick-glance look at what is being affected, and to what degree.  Also will include a narrative explanation with further details, such as potential hazards, the status of communications, medical services, aid and relief, security threats, etc. 
For example, in the event of a hurricane, a SITREP might include updates about power outages, looting and violence, road closures, flooded areas, possible hazardous conditions, and public safety information, such as water treatment recommendations, etc.


What is a SPOT Report?

A report of activity  involving a person or group of persons which could pose a security threat to you or others.  A SPOT report is based on what you or someone else observed.  This is an adaptation of a military reporting format for observed enemy activity.  This can be used for reporting observed criminal activity, invading military forces, or actions by an oppressive and dangerous regime.  This can also be used to report movement, equipment, training, operations, or other information of intelligence value.


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