This page was created to share some of the many great resources we have relied on to learn more about the Rapture, the Lord’s Feast Days, the model of the traditional Jewish wedding, which is revealed in the Feast of Trumpets and Christ’s marriage to His bride (the Church), and how they are all connected.

The RFR podcast embedded below was produced by JJS and Lady Liberty on 26 May 2022 as an introduction and an overview of what we believe.  Our King is returning soon!   We hope you are just as blessed as we have been on the journey to learn more about our Lord, His promises, and His hidden-in-plain-sight revelations!



El Shaddai Ministries w/ Pastor Mark Biltz

Feast of the Lord -Yom Teruah Feast of Trumpets – Part 2 of 4 Mark Blitz

When will the TRIBULATION begin? Where are we on the BIBLICAL Calender? (What Time is it?) — Mark Biltz

El Shaddai Ministries Website and Store



When Will The Rapture Occur? | Tipping Point | End Times Teaching | Jimmy Evans

MORE! Pastor Jimmy Evans series of Rapture videos here

(Below Video) Jimmy Evans at Gateway Church Live | What is the Rapture of the Church?

If the video doesn’t play here, then click ‘Watch on YouTube’.  Pastor Jimmy Evans begins at the 30 minute mark:



Ancient Jewish Betrothal & Wedding Part 1

(From JJS and LL:  The next four videos in a four-part series turned out to be one of our very favorites.  These guys (Yoos’ Guys) really grew on us.  We were pleasantly surprised how much these two young men of God knew, and how well they had researched the topic of the Feast of Trumpets, the traditional Jewish wedding, and how they both point to Christ’s return for His church — the Rapture.  ENJOY!)

Ancient Jewish Betrothal & Wedding Part 2

Ancient Jewish Betrothal & Wedding Part 3

Ancient Jewish Betrothal & Wedding Part 4


Will Jesus Return on a Jewish Festival | Episode 811 — Perry Stone


Amir Tsarfati: How Close Are We to the Rapture?


The Last Trumpet | Liberty Univesrsity




ALSO, don’t forget about our bonus special presentation podcast, ‘Why We Keep The Sabbath

Nowhere in the Bible was the sabbath changed from Saturday to Sunday.

Constantine changed the day of worship from Saturday to Sunday in 324 AD under culture pressure from the majority pagan society, even though he changed the ‘official’ religion of Rome from paganism to Christianity.


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