With your help, your kind and encouraging words, and abundant generosity, we’ve hit our firewood goal. 

WOW!!!  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!  We’re more grateful than we can say.  May God bless you as much as you have been a blessing to us, AND TEN FOLD MORE!

We’re often asked by listeners if we have a “specific need” they can help with financially.

Up until now, we’ve said “thank you, but not at this time.”  Early 2021 dealt us several financial blows that we are still not fully recovered from.  Additionally, costs of production, travel, and other expenses have risen sharply.

Radio Free Redoubt is listener supported.  Although we’re very grateful to the Lord for all of His provision, and for the faithful support of our listeners, we are found with a specific need.

We use wood heat exclusively to heat our home and we typically use about five cord of firewood per season.  This year we have been unable to acquire the needed supply of wood.

There are a couple of local firewood suppliers we would love to support, who provide quality wood for reasonable prices.  But this time, we need YOUR.

THANK YOU!  God bless!