We are formalizing and expanding the RFR Rebroadcasting Station program in 2014.

fmThere are Redoubters who have invested in commercial transmitters on the FM & AM frequencies who air Radio Free Redoubt in their local neighborhoods and communities.  In an information black-out situation, when commercial broadcasting may be spurious or non-existent,  they will act as sources of information and reassurance to their communities on the FM and AM dials.


Expect to hear:

Live Streaming Radio Free Redoubt broadcasts (During grid-up situations)

  • Previously-downloaded RFR and other podcasts and audio files

  • Live AmRRON Nets Radio Traffic

  • Live Commentary & Public Service Announcements from RFR Rebroadcast Station Operators

To learn more about how you can get involved, go here:  https://amrron.com/?p=1129