First off, there will be a weekly Sunday evening Podcast, streaming tonight at 8pm Pacific.

After a brief hiatus, the Morning Commute with JJS & Lady Liberty resumed beginning Monday, March 18th!

Thank you all for your awesome prayers and support, and for all your heartfelt emails, mail, and Telegram texts!  We’re truly moved by it all.

This past week’s shows are archived and can be listened to or downloaded at


We have chosen to let our 7am slot go on Liberty Broadcasting, out of Spokane on 96.5 FM and AM630.  However, we are exploring other ways of delivering The Morning Commute Show, and will let you know the details of that soon!  So stay tuned!

We may be returning to local broadcasting on the radio, depending on various factors, so we’ll keep you posted on that as well.

If you’re on Telegram, you can also follow us at @THEMORNINGCOMMUTE

or at the invite link,

God bless all of you who faithfully listen and follow us.

JJS & Lady Liberty