Sorry folks, but there will not be an RFR weekly Sunday Night Podcast this week.  We will resume next week.

The Morning Commute Ending.

Also, as those of you who follow us on the Telegram Channel ‘The Morning Commute‘ are already aware, we announced last week that we are ending the daily radio show out of Spokane each weekday morning.

Lady Liberty posted the following on March 6th, on The Morning Commute Telegram Channel.  We will continue posting content there in the theme of the day, as well as LL’s daily Word Of The Day postings.  We look forward to interacting with you there on a daily basis.  We love you, Christian patriots!  Thank you for your faithful following and listenership, and to those of you who so generously supported us in prayer and with finances.  It just wasn’t enough to keep it going, sadly.

Well everyone, it’s official.  We have discussed it with heavy heart.  Worst day ever.  The Morning Commute with JJS and Lady Liberty is officially over.

You all are still welcome to chat and post here [on the Telegram channel] and I will still do the same format for Word fo the Day, and pertinent news.

We love you all and this is an end of one awesome era in our lives.

We sure were blessed to have been able to serve the Lord in this way while we could.

Again, we love you all and this was a very special thing we had going.  We ran it 4 years!

May God continue to bless you all richly and hopefully we’ll see you all soon in the Rapture.

Lady Liberty

The archives shows will still continue to be available at