Do you want to help stop Child Trafficking?  Then please help us and get everyone you know to join the most effective and timely method to stop the child trafficking in America!

We need you and everyone you know to copy/paste this letter below to both your District’s Congressman, and your State Senators.  When you send them, don’t email them.  Please print them out and mail them via Certified Mail at your Post Office.  We sent our Congressman 2 Certified Letters each- one to their Washington D.C. address, and one to their District Office.

Each Certified Letter costs $4.35 to send.  This is a very small price to pay, for such an effective outcome.  The Certified Letter means there is actually a chance that the Rep or Senator will read it.  Usually letters and emails are just thrown away by a Legislative Assistant, but sending it Certified at least increases it’s likelihood of being read and considered.

Congress needs to be able to offer a solution to Child Trafficking right now, as people are watching “The Sound of Freedom” and demanding that SOMETHING be done about it.  This effective action brings the most power to that punch.

This idea is a “Win-Win” scenario, in which the Democommunists can’t not support the Bill that will stop Child Trafficking.  If they refuse to pass that Bill, it says they SUPPORT child trafficking, and they lose.  If they sign it to stop the child trafficking, then the getting rid of all the electronic voting machines means they will no longer win in the legitimate elections, so they lose there also.

This Bill is a “CHECKMATE” on the Commies in the US House and the US Senate.

Please jump on board to help stop the trafficking of children! Please forward this far and wide, and don’t stop until we have this Bill and it is passed!

“God’s children are NOT for sale!”

-Jim Caviezel

Click on the html file below.  When it opens, copy/paste the text into your word processing program, add your Congressman’s name, and sign it with your name, etc.  Then print it out, and mail it to them, certified mail.

(UPDATED 4/16/2024 at 12:18 am Pacific – Please delete previous versions of the letter, if you had already downloaded it)

The ‘Stop Child Trafficking’ Bill can be read, downloaded, and printed by clicking the PDF link below:

Stop Child Trafficking PDF