This posting covers Bitmessage and qTOX download links, including tutorial videos for setting up each.

BITMESSAGE AND qTOX Desktop Applications (cross platform):

Windows, OS X, Linux

Bitmessage – Distributed Blockchain encrypted messaging application

Download at their Wiki Page:











‘RFR Darknet’ Bitmessage Channel Address:

Note from JJS:  I rarely use Bitmessage, but will try to make a point of running it for a day, once per week, to check for messages on the RFR Darknet Bitmessage channel.  For those with limited/slow internet connections, it is a bandwidth hog!



Bitmessage Setup Tutorials:



Decentralized anonymous chat, messaging, file sharing, and voice or video calling

Download page:

Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, and FreeBSD

‘RFR Darknet – JJS’ Address.  Copy/paste the alpha/numeric string below, into your ‘Add friends’ field and click on ‘send friend request’ at the bottom of the qTox window.