Greetings and blessings to everyone!   Thank you for your prayers and support.

As most of you know, Lady Liberty and I are FINALLY on the road to recovery from the communist Wuhan virus flu.  We are finally feeling better each day, for the past three days without relapsing.

I had intended to conduct a short show tonight, but my voice simply isn’t holding up to the spontaneous, violent coughing fits!

HOWEVER… there is some very important content I feel the need to cover.  So, this week I will be posting two RFR podcast episodes.

TUESDAY:  Episode 21-32  (Patriot Security Overview and Current World Applications)

THURSDAY:  Episode 21-33 (Making a list of Enemies — Ephesians 6:12)

We are told to pray for our enemies and call them to repentance.  I believe it is past time for us to begin positively identifying them and listing them.  We should pray for them and as Paul says, “if at all possible” live at peace with all men.  As a soldier, I believe we should always be mentally and spiritually ready to defend life, liberty, property, our faith, family, and heritage, and our nation, and that violence should always be used as a last resort and after all other peaceful measures have been exhausted.

The more of our enemies who will repent and join the Kingdom of Heaven, the better!   So, tune on to Thursday’s episode as I discuss making prayer lists of our enemies!  It’s the right thing to do!