Partisan Patriot Darknet Exercise #001

LIMITED to 72 hour training exercise window.  TOR and Onionshare sites will expire at midnight, Friday, September 24th

Processes/Apps used:

  • Onionshare
  • TOR Browser
  • PTE (Paranoia Text Encryption)

Concept of exercise. (Time Sensitive… temporary TOR/Onionshare sites)

  1. Using your TOR Browser, navigate to the Onionshare address (provided below).  Download the .txt file and open it.  The Onionshare text (.txt) file will contain:
    • The RFR Dark Net .onion website address inside the TOR network.
    • The password for decrypting the message under the ‘Messages’ page at the RFR Dark Net TOR website.

Onionshare Address: http://zowiytrv6sjjwrqp.onion/mardi-earshot

NOTE:  The RFR Dark Net TOR website and the Onionshare sites will be taken down at midnight, Friday, 24 September.

  1. Once you arrive at the RFR Dark Net website (inside the TOR network), click on the ‘Messages’ tab.  Copy/paste the encrypted
    message into your PTE (Paranoia Text Encryption) application.  Enter the password contained in the text file you downloaded from the Onionshare site.
  2. Click on the ‘Contact’ tab on the RFR Dark Net TOR website.  You will see a contact email address for John Jacob.  Using your email service (hopefully the same email service as JJS has listed there), send JJS an email:
    • Add ‘Exercise #001’ to the Subject line.
    • Type the LAST THREE words of the text that you decrypted using PTE in the body of the email.

NOTE:  For added security, log in to the email service’s .onion site as opposed to using the normal .com website.  This keeps all
email activity contained within the TOR network.


If you are not familar with TOR Browser, Onionshare, or PTE (Paranoia Text Encryption), then refer to the articles posted
covering each of those topics at


I look forward to receiving your training exercise emails at the address listed at the RFR Dark Net website.


Keep training!

God bless,