2021 Security Series (Part 8)

Encrypt text and files using the cross-platform applications by Paranoia Works.  This uses very powerful symetric encryption.  Symmetric encryption means that it uses a password shared between two users (you and your friend/colleague) to encrypt or decrypt (open and read) the text or file.  The encryption algorithms range from AES to Blowfish, so this is extremely strong encryption.

Paranoia Works produces several cross-platform encryption applications for desktop use and mobile devices.   Their two main programs are PTE (Paranoia Text Encryption) and S.S.E. File Encryptor.

    • PTE:  Allows you to type or copy/paste text into the application and encrypt it with a password.  You can then copy/paste the encrypted text into an email, post it onto a forum or website, send over radio, paste it into a text file on a thumb drive, etc.  The possibilities are limited by your imagination.  The challenge is that you must securely exchange passwords among all the parties intended to open the encrypted text.

Steganography feature included!  PTE also allows you to embed and encrypt text into images (.jpg files), called Steganography.  The Steganography feature also encrypts and password protects the encrypted text inside the image.

The tutorial videos below are excellent.  You’ll see how easy it is to use in mere minutes!

Message Encryption and Steganography on PC (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, …)

Another great tutorial posting, with screen shots, can be found at: https://www.mguhlin.org/2015/01/3-steps-to-encryptingdecrypting.html


Test message from JJS:

(Password is: youcandoit! )



Obviously, you wouldn’t normally post the password right along with the encrypted text.  This is just a practice exercise.  In a real-world situation where security is of utmost importance, you would need to find other ways/methods of securely distributing passwords to the other parties.