2021 Security Series (Part 9a)

This is for your basic, foundational understanding of PGP.  Please don’t skip this part.  It will make a difference if you’re not familiar with PGP encryption.

  • PGP encryption is a beautiful thing.  the GnUPG project is open source and is the widely accepted standard for powerful encryption.  Some of its features are:
  • Asymmetrical encryption.  This means keys are created in pairs.  You keep your secret key protected, but issue your public key with whomever you wish to exchange encrypted traffic with.
  • Keys can be generated using your email address or can be created using a ‘ghost’ email address, which contains no information connecting that ‘fake’ email address you to.
  • GnuPG is built in to Linux OS, and is free to download across nearly all platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, Raspberry Pi, Android, etc.).

These first three videos are foundational to understanding pgp encryption.  IF you are new to PGP encryption, please take the time to watch them each ONE TIME.

They aren’t long, but the long-term benefits will serve you (and all of us) well.  InfosecBytes does an outstanding job.  Their videos are very professional, easy to understand, and are straight to the point.  They give you what you need to know to gain proficiency in the shortest amount of time (aside from you just getting in and practicing with it).

  • Introduction to PGP (Part 1)  11:30
  • Introduction to PGP (Part 3)    6:36
  • Introduction to PGP (Part 2)  14:05

This is Part 1 through 3 of a 6-part video series produced by Infosec Bytes.  Parts 4 through 6 will get you hands-on, setting up and using PGP encryption.

From their Youtube Channel (I recommend bookmarking their actual website, in the event Youtube takes their videos down):

You’re watching Infosec Bytes, a crash course in information security for journalists. We’re based at the Centre for Investigative Journalism in London and supported by the Logan Foundation. This video is Part 3 of our Introduction to PGP.
Make sure to watch the other videos in our PGP series: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list… To consult with an expert through CIJ, or to arrange a CIJ training session, get in touch: info@tcij.org To support the Center for Investigative Journalism with a donation, please visit http://tcij.org/donate. And if you want to watch our other videos, please go to http://infosecbytes.org or subscribe to our channel below.