As we learn more about the harmful effects of the ‘vaccines’ being pushed on our society and our military, it seems increasingly clear to rational, clear-thinking, researched people that the coerced shots amount to nothing less than a national security threat.  As we see increasing evidence that the jabs are NOT “safe and effective” , it is imperative that we provide as many tools as possible to our fighting forces in the military — our sons and daughters, fathers, brothers, sisters, and friends.

Army Regulation, AR 40-562, Ch.2-6, paragraph b ‘Exemptions’, clearly state that soldiers are exempt if there is “Evidence of immunity based on serologic tests, documented infection, or similar circumstances.”

You can download the PDF from the Army Pubs link below, and print out the relevant page (Page 6) to take to your comander.

As widespread as the Wuhan Virus is, it is HIGHLY probable that many of our young, healthy fellow Americans have been exposed and have built up natural antibodies.  That, combined with the truly safe and effective treatments available, make the so-called vaccine absolutely unnecessary.

Reportedly, CVS pharmacy does antibody testing for $38.  So it is likely that many other similar companies provide similar services at comparable rates.   If you are aware of other services, and their fees, feel free to add them as comments at the bottom of this posting.

We’ll approve legitimate comments posted so others may benefit.

Stay safe and God bless.