2021 Security Series (Part 3)

TOR Browser – Install and Guidance for Use

TOR (The Onion Router) provides secure web browsing, using layers (hence, ‘Onion’) by routing and rerouting your web traffic through encrypted nodes, hiding your identity and your location.  It is free and available in Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android.  It is also native on the TAILS Operating System (meaning, it is part of the TAILS package when you set that up).

Features of TOR as listed on the TOR Project website:


Click on the image above to go to the TOR Download page

SECURITY NOTE:  If you are using TOR in a life/death situation, I strongly recommend that you avoid using any system other than a Linux or TAILS or Raspberry Pi operating system, due to the security risks, keylogging, and other tracking/reporting that are inherent in other operating systems.  Windows 10 comes with a Keylogger program turned on by default.  You can disable it in your Privacy Settings, but I still don’t trust it.

Below are some of the best tutorials I’ve seen on downloading, setting up, and using TOR.  Using TOR does have some limitations and can give you a false sense of security if you don’t use it properly.  Be sure to take the time to visit the TOR Project Website to learn how to use TOR safely, securely, and anonymously.

There are also OS specific TOR tutorials for both Mac and Windows:

Here is some more useful information posted on INFOSEC BYTES Youtube Page covering TOR:

This is an introduction to Tor, a tool for using the internet anonymously. In this video we’re going to explain what Tor is and a little bit about how it works.

Be sure to check out our other videos on how to install and use Tor on Windows (https://youtu.be/7Q1OM5dzzqc) and Mac OS X (https://youtu.be/GKOJ0mFbb_s).

Get Tor here: https://torproject.org

Read more about how Tor works, exit nodes, and HTTPS: https://www.eff.org/pages/tor-and-https https://www.torproject.org/about/over…

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