2021 Security Series (Part 3)

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Why is a password manager important?  The weak link in most electronic devices is the password.

  1.  Weak or very weak passwords (too short and therefore easy to hack, and/or based on personal information, such as birth or other dates, affiliated organization names, addresses, children/grandchildren names, anniversaries, sports teams, college names, etc.
  2. People often use the same one or two passwords for EVERYTHING.  So if a hacker can successfully guess or brute force attack your password, they have access to everything (banking, social media, email, paypal… everything).

It’s too hard to remember a million passwords, that’s true.  But now, you don’t have to.  You only need to remember one.  Create one that you can remember, but is complex and uses multiple characters, upper case and lower case, and at least sixteen characters in length.  Then, you can have dozens of passwords for all of your accounts safely stored, encrypted, in on vault.   I recommend Veracrypt.

Below are a couple of KeepassX setup and tutorial videos.  They’re both great.  Choose one, or watch both.

Visit the KeepassX WEBSITE to download for your platform

KeepassX is native on TAILS (meaning, when you set up and install TAILS on a thumb drive, it will come with KeepassX already installed)