Hurricane Ida Weakens To Cat 3 As It Pummels Louisiana With Strong Wind, Rain And Storm Surge; Half Million Without Power

Ida has weakened from a Category 4 to a Category 3 hurricane Sunday evening as it pummels Louisiana
with dangerous wind, rain and storm surge.

An army of veterans and volunteers organizes online to evacuate Afghans, from thousands of miles away

As the window to evacuate from Afghanistan closes, members of ‘Digital Dunkirk’ communicate with gate guards and direct families to the runway.

A former Green Beret, Reed is one of thousands of veterans, active-duty service members, former government officials and civil servants working online to help Afghans flee Taliban retaliation. These efforts have taken on increased urgency this week as the window to shepherd people out of Afghanistan by Aug. 31 closes and the situation in the country deteriorates, including explosions outside the airport Thursday that killed at least 13 U.S. troops and many more Afghans. One group, Team America, says it has evacuated more than 200 Afghans and is tracking about 1,500 people.

State Dept. Order ‘Blocks’ Private Flights for Americans Conducting Unauthorized Rescue Missions to Afghanistan: Report


Amid widespread reports of rescue efforts from groups like Task Force Pineapple, Task Force Dunkirk, and Team America, the U.S. State Department has issued an advisory to nations surrounding Afghanistan to deny support to aircraft conducting such operations in Afghanistan.

“Now being told that State Dept. is telling nations surrounding Afghanistan not to allow private jets handling the private extractions to land and/or refuel,” John Cardillo reported. “This is inexplicable and evil.”

Report: U.S. Special Forces Vets ‘Secretly Rescued’ Hundreds Of Afghan Allies ‘Left For Dead’ Amid Biden Withdrawal

Veterans of the United States special forces have “secretly rescued” hundreds of members of Afghanistan’s Special Forces and their families in recent days — allies who had been “left for dead” by the Biden administration, according to the Daily Mail.

The operation, codenamed “Pineapple Express” involved a “group of special op soldiers including retired Green Berets and SEAL Team commanders” who were inspired to taken matters into their own hands “after one of the Afghan commandos they served with contacted them to say he was on the run from the Taliban. His visa had not been approved when the Taliban took over on August 14 and thousands ran for the airport,” the Mail said Friday.

‘Unapologetically Christian’: Alternatives to Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts See Big Membership Increases

The Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts are seeing big drops in membership. Reasons include the pandemic and social trends.But leaders of Christian alternatives believe there’s more to the story, and their groups are seeing huge increases in membership.

Trail Life USA

“On my honor, I will do my best to serve God and my country, to respect authority….”

Ryan and Elliott Parks recite the oath for Trail Life USA, described as a “Christ-centered, boy-focused, character leadership and adventure organization.”


Employee Resources (threatened with loss of jobs for refusing the jab)

Solari Article Discussing Employer Liability Questionnaire

Downloadable PDF to Present to Employers

Medical/Scientific Resources

Comprehensive, high-integrity medical and scientific information, including briefs and reports summarizing what is known about the risks of Covid-19 injections and adverse events, is available (and routinely updated) at the following websites:

  • America’s Frontline Doctors: In addition to its legal resources (see above), AFLDS’ website includes information about Covid-19 treatments, “issue briefs” on post-vaccination complications and other topics, and numerous other resources.
  • Children’s Health Defense (CHD): In addition to reporting on vaccine safety topics via its flagship online news outletThe Defender, CHD offers a “Fighting COVID Mandates” toolkit and related resources, a series of eBooks (including eBooks on vaccine mandates and protection of individual rights), a research library, and a “Community Corner.”
  • Doctors for COVID Ethics (D4CE): Among the excellent resources provided by this group of doctors and scientists from 30 countries are “Letter to physicians: Four new scientific discoveries regarding the safety and efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines,” which warns that “all physicians must reconsider the ethical issues surrounding COVID-19 vaccination,” and a 23-page Expert Statement outlining the serious risks of the Pfizer injection (European brand name Comirnaty) in children.


AMERICA’S FRONT LINE DOCTORS (Multiple resources for students, employees, and service members)

Vaccines & The Law


An alternative to abortion and adoption…  Presented by Lady Liberty in Segment 4:

Sanctuary of Hope Ministry

The Sanctuary of Hope is a 501©3 non-profit religious organization which provides basic child care services to children and youth, 0-17 years, who are in need of guidance, shelter, nutrition, etc. and to young single expectant mothers, 12-22 years of age who are seeking an alternative to abortion.
In addition, the Sanctuary of Hope seeks to collaborate with established Christian adoption agencies for pre- and post-adoption services to residents awaiting adoption by a loving Christian family.


Based on Judeo-Christian principles, the mission of the Sanctuary of Hope is to provide basic quality care services in a Christ-centered environment for youth (0-17); to strengthen their faith, future, and well-being; and to stand as an answer in place of abortion to single expectant mothers (12-22) and their unborn children.


The vision of the Sanctuary of Hope is dedicated to preserving the sanctity of life by providing: an alternative to abortion, a safe environment to its residents and their children, and an opportunity for residents to receive a Christian education.

Learn more by visiting, or by clicking on the image below.