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Thank you to all the patriots who came out to support Todd Engel in rebuilding
his life after five years of wrongful imprisonment. Praise God he is free!
As you all know, he lost everything and returned to his cabin only to find it
stripped of all of his worldly possessions, including tools, food storage,
guns and ammunition, and so much more.

A special ‘THANK YOU’ goes out to the Idaho Real 4% for organizing the event. Great job!
We’re grateful for all the other 3% groups, militias, patriots, elected officials, pastors,
law enforcement, veterans, and other God-fearing, liberty loving patriots who attended.

Also, thank you to those of you who could not attend in person, but who still supported
Todd and the event by donating auction items, direct donations to Todd, and sending funds.

Still want to support Todd? There are two ways:

Make checks payable to Todd Engel, and mail to:

Todd c/o RBN
PO Box 757
Rathdrum, ID


You can still donate to the official Todd Engel Fundraising Campaign, which was
set up by the Bonner County Real Idaho III%.

The audio below is just 1 hr 16 min of a 5 hour event.  Our apologies if we
were not able to include content that someone thinks should have been included.
Most of the remaining content consisted of the silent and live auctions, as well
as raffles and trivia contests.

Enjoy and share!