Pastor Shahram Hadian – Live 04/28/21
‘LIVING THROUGH A COUP: 1979 Iran & Lessons for American Patriots Today’

America just went through a coup to overthrow our government, and we may not even realize it. Most Americans have never lived through a coup, but Shahram has. In this presentation titled, “Living Through a Coup: 1979 Iran & Lessons for American Patriots Today,” Shahram will reveal what happened in Iran in 1979 and subsequently after, how Iran lost its freedoms and has not seen a free election in 42 years.

Shahram will share lessons for American patriots and Christians today, to prepare us for what could be coming here in our nation, now that we have experienced a coup.

Shahram’s presentation begins just before the 00:32 minute mark.
Lady Liberty and I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and seeing our friend again.

Please share with your friends- this will be a very engaging and eye-opening presentation!

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