Join us for a great cause on April 30th!

Sponsored by Idaho ‘The Real III%’

John Jacob Schmidt and Lady Liberty will be EMCEEING this event.

As most of you know, Todd Engel was wrongfully incarcerated as a political prisoner for five years for his role in deterring federal government overreach at the Bundy Ranch incident.  In the Fall of 2020, his sentence was vacated.

Todd is free now (praise God!).  However, while he was imprisoned, his home and belongings were ransacked and plundered by (so called) “friends.”

This betrayal resulted in the theft and loss of all of his worldly possessions, including firearms and ammunition, food storage, preparedness gear, and much more.  In fact… everything.  This is our opportunity to come along side a great patriot.   Todd paid a heavy price to stand in the gap for his fellow Americans when the tyrants came to abuse a ranch family.  In fact, he has stood in the gap on many occasions besides the Bundy Ranch incident.  If you join us on Friday, April 30th, you’ll learn more!

Join us in this live auction, silent auction, and a great time of fellowship!

For early/advanced ticket package sales, contact me at, and we will email the phone number to the organizer to you so you can arrange that directly.