Support the REAL Republicans on and

Defund the RINO Republican Party

This past election cycle, the RNC brought in over $350 Million to defend and support our legally elected President, Donald Trump.  They did nothing to help him at all.  Now they have turned their backs on him and have continued raising money in his name.  President Trump has established a new website for the “Real Republicans” to donate to instead of donating even one more dime to the Communist supporting RNC that helped to throw Trump under the bus.  And now they are helping to fund the campaigns of more RINOs just like them, instead of the “Real Republican” candidates that the Americans are choosing.  So Trump will use all our donations from his website to help support and fund campaigns for the right candidates that will uphold the traditional American way of life.We want to help Trump achieve those goals and get everyone to completely stop donating to the RNC.

Furthermore, since the RNC took in over $350M from Trump supporting Americans who voted for him in a landslide vote, we want to make sure the RNC does what WE want them to do with that money.  We want the RNC to fund the campaign to get all electronic voting machines removed from our voting system and return back to paper ballots with ID required at the time of the vote.  The electronic voting machines were designed by their inventor to be manipulated, and as we saw in the last election, were manipulated beyond belief. So long as there are electronic voting machines, our votes do not count.  We have ZERO power of the vote when our votes can be electronically manipulated to turn every election in favor of the communists.  Voting at all makes no sense anymore because the results are whatever the corrupt vote counters want them to be.

                                                 ELECTRONIC VOTING MACHINES SILENCED OVER 76 MILLION VOTES

So please copy/paste the text of this letter below that Lady Liberty wrote, and add your own name.  Make copies- lots of copies to hand to friends.  Sign them, and send them en masse to both your County Republican Chairperson and to your State Republican Chairperson so we can direct that $350M to put an end to electronic voting machines.  Then go to and donate to his website to start funding the REAL Republican Candidates through his funding source.  Together we can both bankrupt a RINO/Communist supporting Party, the RNC and fund the real republicans trying to get into office.

This accomplishes 3 Goals:

  • Directs the money we already donated to the RNC, by demanding the RNC fund the campaign to get rid of the electronic voting machines
  • Starts funding the REAL Republican Candidates through the website
  • Prevents new funding and growth for the RINO RNC that only seek to help elect RINO candidates.

Thank you, and share far and wide,

God Bless,

JJS and Lady Liberty


To the Chairperson of the County/State Republican Party;

In the 2020 Presidential Election, the Republican National Committee brought in over $350 MILLION to support
President Trump in his run for his 2nd term.  As you know, President Trump was rightful and the LEGAL WINNER
of the election.  Over 60 judges and the Supreme Court refused to look at evidence that would validate that

President Trump had overwhelming evidence of millions of fraudulent votes as well as international election
tampering evidence. The people of the USA came out by the droves to vote for President Trump, and he won with
a landslide overwhelming show of votes from over 76 MILLION people in the USA. What did the Republican Party
do to stop the election fraud?  ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!  What has the Republican Party done with ALL THAT MONEY
they raised to support Trump since then?  ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!  Instead, the Republican Party has continued
raising money in Trump’s name because the Party knows he’s the biggest money maker the Party has ever had,
and because the Party KNOWS that over 75% of the Republican Voters that voted for Trump in the 2020 election
are 100% devoted to President Trump, whereas they are now angered by and rejecting the Republican Party
because of their inaction.

In fact, not only have the Republican voters watched the Republican Party do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about this
fraudulent election, but they are also allowing their own Republican Elected Officials that are in public
offices to side AGAINST the legally elected President Trump. Therefore, because the National Republican Party
has proved to be nothing but a wealth redistribution mechanism that supports the Communist Coup takeover from
the Democrats, I will NEVER financially support the National Republican Party again.  I will never support your
organization and I will never send your party another dime of my money.  In fact, from now on, I am going to
follow the lead of the TRUE LEADER and PRESIDENT of the United States of America, President Donald J. Trump,
and from now on, I will be sending him my Republican support funds which he has set up through his own PAC on
his own website.

As for you guys at the County, State, and National level- I hope to see you bankrupted before the end of this
year for failing to even start the campaign that will get rid of ALL the electronic voting machines that
literally silenced OVER 76 MILLION American votes in the last election, and therefore will do it the same way
in every election from now on as well.  And that means the RNC agrees with fraudulent elections, and should
therefore be bankrupted as failing to represent the true will of the American people.

Permanently Offended,

<your name>