Well, I’m sorry folks, but our power just came back on a little while ago.  Multiple trees down on power lines due to heavy snow, and it’s still coming down…

It’s been a day of wet, heavy snow and misadventures with tractors and SUVs getting stuck and winched out, thawing hoses, warming portable generators by the fire so they’ll start, and plowing snow.   …and I’m wiped.

SO… Lord willing, Episode 20-01 will be next Sunday.  Until then, please enjoy and help spread our Saturday shows from KTW (Spokane) on Liberty Broadcasting.

Those shows are also uploaded to our podcast hosting site at www.RadioFreeRedoubt.podbean.com.

Have a SUPER blessed week and thank you so much for the prayers and emails of abundant support!

Remember to pray for the patriots under attack (from President Trump down to our local elected officials and patriot Christian pastors) by anti-American marxists/socialists and the wolves in sheep’s clothing.

-John Jacob Schmidt