Episode 18-34B INW Prep Expo 2018 Glen Tate – Prepping 2.0 *ANNOUNCEMENT*

Blessings on your marriage Glen and Shelby! Congratulations!

Highlights & Resources

299 Days Book Series by Glen Tate
Inland NW Preparedness Expo

The Divide (A Great State) by Shelby Gallagher


Did you know? That AmRRON is mentioned in the 299 Days: The 43 Colonels (Volume 10)?

Chapter 347, titled “Colonel John Jacob Schmidt-Radio Free Redoubt” features John Jacob Schmidt, Radio Free Redoubt and AmRRON Operators!

LISTEN—>>> Chapter 347- “Colonel John Jacob Schmidt- Radio Free Redoubt”

299 Days: The 43 Colonels is available on Kindle Edition, Paperback and Audio Book.