Should we be ‘non partisan’? John Jacob doesn’t think so. It’s time to pick sides! And for the next generation of partisans, listen up! Just like in the days of old during the Cold War, young partisans will have a chance to win a 35 year anniversary edition of a 200 shot, range model Red Ryder air rifle with a compass in the stock! You’ll need to decrypt a secret message from the numbers that will be read on Radio Free Redoubt this Sunday night. Tune in to learn how! In segment 2 John Jacob talks about the newly-released documents by a Bureau of Land Management Special Agent who filed a formal complaint about unethical and possibly even illegal activity and practices by the government officials, including supervisors! This could completely unend the prosecution in the Bundy Ranch case. Tune in!

Highlights & Resource Links:

**BREAKING** BLM Kill Lists! Prosecution withholding evidence and a SMOKING GUN!
EXCLUSIVE: Rep. Matt Shea Exposes BLM Atrocities- REDOUBT NEWS
Prepper Gift Ideas!
Red Ryder Giveaway OTP Contest Instructions!
River Front Suites!
Werkz Holsters

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