This is the left today. They don’t even bother to conceal their hatred and contempt for America. This is what we are facing in the large-scale effort to drain the swamp both politically and culturally.

Liberal protesters yelled throughout the opening prayer and Pledge of Allegiance on Wednesday during Sen. Bill Cassidy’s (R., La.) town hall meeting in Metairie, La.

Cassidy scheduled the town hall to discuss various issues including immigration, health care, and the economy. However, many people in the crowd would not listen to Cassidy, and instead heckled him and yelled out slogans commonly heard at anti-Republican rallies.

Before Cassidy addressed the crowd and took questions, Louisiana State chaplain Dr. Michael Sprague announced that he would begin the prayer. As soon as he said “prayer” the crowd erupted.

Several people could be heard yelling, “Prayer? Prayer?” while other people yelled, “Separation of church and state.”

Another person added, “Pray on your own time. This is our time.”

These Hard-Left America-Haters Yell and Scream Through Opening Prayer, Pledge of Allegiance at Republican Town Hall. Read the Full article at

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