-Opening w/ JJS

-Pastor Barry Byrd Invocation and message

-Rep. Matt Shea

-The Black Family – ‘Cry of the Prisoner’ tribute song to LaVoy

Cry of A Prisoner Lyrics

Home, where can I call home?
It’s a place I own,
It’s a place my own

Free, where can I call free?
If my home’s not mine,
How can free it be?

Green pasture land , where the cattle graze
Under free blue skies
This used to be my home,
Until I realized
If I do not take a stand
Surely they will take this land
My home,
Is my own

Cold, oh I feel so cold
And I feel alone
Am I all alone?

Peace? Yes I do want peace!
But is a soul at peace,
If it can’t be free?

Four pale grey walls, not a hinted breeze
Not a star in sight
This has become my home,
Fellow man, open you eyes
Peacefully I took a stand
Now they’ve bound my feet and hands
Our home,
Is it gone?

I knew the cost,
And I put everyting at stake
Freedom’s the cause,
I’ll do whatever it takes
The Holy Cause of God
Is the cause of Liberty
I stand for God, I stood for you
Will you stand for me?

“Take up the cause” this is my cry
From a prison cell
This is not over cause
our brother fell
If with me you’ll take your stand
Take the chains from my hands
Our home
Is not gone

Stand with me