AMERICAN REDOUBT – Redoubt News, the conservative online news outlet that took the internet by storm this year, is expanding.

Due to overwhelming demand by readers, Redoubt News has developed news sites for specific demographics, including the traditional Redoubt States, Washington Redoubt, Oregon Redoubt, Idaho Redoubt, Montana Redoubt and the Wyoming Redoubt.

Added to those areas, they have developed a site for the State of Jefferson Redoubt, at the request of the citizens in that area. “The citizens of Jefferson have been fighting for recognition. They have specific areas of concern and want those issues addressed,” said Bret Roush, Operations Manager for Redoubt News.

The demand for conservative news outlets has hit an all time high in recent months. Mainstream media has lost the confidence of the people and are no longer trusted by the majority of the American public. Redoubt News is one source that meets the demand for trusted, conservative news.

“We have received requests for regional Redoubt News sites from as far away as Texas and the Appalachians,” said Shari Dovale, Editor. “After fully staffing the current sites, we will look into those areas.”

To meet additional requests from citizens around the country, Redoubt News has included a site called the “Family Redoubt” which will focus on the family issues, homesteading and building the stronghold where ever God places you.

“We are very excited about the new sites,” said Donna Capurso, Idaho Redoubt contributor. “We encourage everyone to continue submitting their ideas to include all areas that concern them.

“We rely on citizen journalism, and are always looking for contributors to write for us, as well as photographers and site coordinators,” added Washington Redoubt contributor, Sam Cates.

Making it easier for readers to navigate to their specific issues was part of the goal. Readers can continue to read all articles on the National page, or they can go directly to the page that focuses on their location and interests.

“God has brought us along on this journey, and we will continue to follow his direction,” Dovale maintains, “He has a plan, and Redoubt News is just a small part of that bigger plan.”

Thank you, Redoubt News for all of your hard work and for keeping the Redoubt(s) informed!