Press Release – Joe Robertson

Liberty For All condemns the harassment and mistreatment of 77-year old disabled Montana veteran by multiple unconstitutional federal agencies for properly-permitted construction of stock pond on his private property.

A decade of harassment by the (unconstitutional) US Forest Service and Environmental Protection Agency culminated in a conviction of the Basin, MT resident, leaving him facing the possibility of prison time and hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines. This will amount to life in prison and forfeiture of his property.

Details on the story may be found in this article.

Liberty For All concurs with impassioned statements made by John Jacob of Radio Free Redoubt made during a brief interview:

“…sentencing a disabled veteran to a life sentence for building a pond on his own property he had a permit for is tyranny of the highest order.”

“USFS Agent gets DUI after injuring two in vehicle accident and gets promoted. Disabled veteran falsely accused by same agent of spilling dirt in a creek and faces 15 years in prison. We need to decide if we’re living in America or the USSR.”

“I’ve personally seen the consultant firm’s study clearly showing Mr. Robertson’s actions did NOT result in any water contamination. Another similar report clearly showed the same results, but was not entered as evidence in support of Mr Robertson. The innocent man faces prison under false pretenses without evidence”

“The governor should be pressed to intercede on Mr. Robertson’s behalf and protect this veteran who protected his nation.  Mr Robertson risked all to protect us.  Now, Mr. Governor, it’s time to return the favor.”

–  John Jacob, Radio Free Redoubt

Audio from Radio Free Redoubt concerning this story at this link.

Kris Anne Hall, constitutional educator, speaker and author, had this to say,  “The only purpose for the creation of the States, as established by the Declaration of Independence, is to secure the Rights of the People.  The only way to secure the Rights of the People is to secure the Sovereignty of the States. If the Governor fails to do this, the State fails in the single purpose for its existence.”

Nevada assemblywoman Shelley Shelton declared, “The highest calling for a Governor is to protect the citizens of the State.”

When asked for her reaction to this developing story, Idaho State Representative Heather Scott had this to say, “Federal overreach in the states is out of control. Hopefully Montana citizens will wake up! Unfortunately they are getting the government they are allowing.”

Cope Reynolds, owner of Southwest Shooting Authority and co-commander of Liberty For All, expresses his despair of what America has become: “Honest, hard-working American landowners being imprisoned for making improvements to their own land and protecting public land while federal employees and agents needlessly destroy thousands of acres by fire and hundreds of miles of pristine river by releasing toxic chemicals into it. And they wonder why the public no longer trusts them…”

LFA notes that persecution and prosecution of our military veterans by the federal government is certainly nothing new, but is alarmed over the increasing use of federal resources and illegitimate federal regulations to harass everyday American citizens for dubious claims of environmental damages.

Actions such as these call into question the legitimacy of a government whose sole purpose is to protect the lives, liberties and property of the citizens it is now abusing.

Article originally posted at Liberty For All