Disabled veteran, 77 year-old Joe Robertson is now a convicted felon, facing 15 years in prison and $750,000 in fines for building a pond and a bridge for which he had secured proper permits.  He is accused of three counts of allowing contaminating soil to enter “United States Waters.”  However, according to Mr. Robertson’s account of the court hearings, the USFS provided no studies as evidence proving their allegations.  Furthermore, two independent environmental consultant studies show that there was no evidence of contaminating debris that entered ‘United States Waters’.

If this were not bad enough, Mr. Robertson must live in a separate trailer because he can’t live in his own home with his wife because of the presence of her firearms. His sentencing is scheduled for lat July of 2016.  The USFS has repeatedly come onto Mr. Robertson’s property without a warrant, harassing them and snooping around their home.  When confronted, USFS agents reportedly told Mr. Robertson they are federal agents and are allowed to go where they please.  This is not only unconstitutionally unlawful, but is unprofessional and even incomprehensible.

Incidentally and ironically, the same female USFS agent who took it upon herself to stop his “illegal” (not) activity on both the pond and the bridge projects (which he had permits for), was arrested for DUI resulting from a car crash which sent to people to the hospital.  This federal ‘law enforcement agent’ received a promotion afterward.  A disabled veteran who served his country honorably and defended us now needs defending.

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I urge everyone to write your legislators and congressmen, and the Montana Governor to press for the governor to intercede on this veteran’s behalf.  Mr. Robertson risked it all for us, now Mr. Governor, it’s time for you to return the favor and protect your citizen, as that is one of your primary duties. -JJS

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