This article was written by Enola Gay and originally posted at the Paratus Familia Blog.

Sir Knight and I discussed the state of the world this morning as we sipped our tea and prepared for the day.  We lamented the fact that our leaders no longer serve, but rather run their own personal race to the power and prosperity finish line.  As we discussed possible solutions to our current cultural and social crisis’, we had the sickening realization that Americans are no longer the principled men and women who had the capacity to build the greatest nation the modern world has ever known.  To our shame, we have become a country of undisciplined children, throwing temper tantrums and tattling on our neighbors, all while our house burns down.

It’s remarkably easy to sit in the comfort of our homes and throw stones at our politicians and public “servants”, who have failed their jobs so monumentally.  In truth, their crimes against humanity threaten not just the lives of men, but their very souls.  However, we have to remember that “they” are “us”.  We cannot separate our leaders from ourselves.  WE are the problem.

Our current Commander in Chief treats his responsibilities with petulant entitlement.  Rather than serving the people, he expects to be served.  And he is but one tiny example of the whole of modern mankind.  Unfortunately, this problem did not start at the top and trickle down – it is completely homegrown.

We raise our children with indulgence and a lack of responsibility.  We cater to childish whims and rush to fulfill every want and desire.  We require nothing and give everything.  And in the process, we raise our own future self-centered, egocentric, self-important Heads-of-State.  We are raising our children to be served, not to serve.  And in the process, we are carefully grooming our own masters.

It’s time to reevaluate our choices.  If we want to watch our country self-destruct, imploding from the inside out, we are on the right track.  However, if we would choose a better country – a free and flourishing bastion of hope – then we need to require more from ourselves.  We need to discipline our lives and discipline our children.  We need to learn to do things for ourselves and not expect somebody else to be responsible for our lives.  We need to live according to our principles regardless of what other people do.  We need to quit making excuses for our poor behavior.  We need to live principled and disciplined lives.

We seem to be raising perpetual children.  Our desire to shield our kids from the realities of adulthood has not only harmed our children, but it is in the process of destroying our nation.  The evidence of our failure is before our eyes and the blood of our nation is running in the streets.  We are a nation of children.

Please, for the sake of our country, be a generation of Adults.  Make the hard decisions.  Do the right thing.  Love God.  Provide for your family.  Do good when everyone else does evil.  Let us not be a generation where the adults have left the building, but a generation that takes back our inheritance and builds a future upon it.