JJS broadcasting live from the 2016 NW Preparedness Expo!  Sara from Koug Radio was co-hosting!

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Resource links from Podcast:

Samuel Culper- Forward Observer
Dr.  David Pruett- AMP-3
The Prepared Homestead
Patrice Lewis- Rural Revolution
The High School Prepper
Phil Rose Knives
Big Pete’s Gunsmithing
Ranger Medic Handbook, 4th Edition
Where There Is No Doctor: A Village Health Care Handbook
American Redoubt Gear Store
Conflicted: The Survival Card Game Deck 5 – Desolation Deck

Here are some photos from the 2016 NW Preparedness Expo.  It was nice to meet so many of you there!  The classes and speaker events were FULL and there was a great turnout! We intentionally did not take photos of the crowd or people attending the event.   
expo12The High School Prepper being interviewed by JJS!

expo30Co-Host Sara from Koug Radio in Studio C with John Jacob!

Some of the speakers during the expo:  Jacob Schmidt,  Shahram Hadian, Matt Shea,  Samuel Culper & Patrice Lewis.

wall of famePhoto of the ‘Wall of Fame’ inside the Barn. (photo credit: Samuel Culper)

expo15 expo16
expo21Antenna setup by AmRRON.  Operators were onsite running nets & communications exercises! Also, demonstrations for new radio operators!   This was ‘off grid’ everything running on back up power!