Episode 16-18 Highlights & Resources

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The down and dirty guidance for internet and computer security/anonymity


KeePass               Create and maintain multiple complex passwords and store encrypted.

Veracrypt            Create encrypted volumes, hidden volumes and encrypt whole disks

pgp4usb               Create encryption keys to keep portable on a thumb drive



UNSEEN.IS          Encrypted email, chat, etc.  Server based in Iceland (A+ Privacy laws)

(because startmail is .com, and protonmail doesn’t have pop settings.)

Thunderbird       Download – For importing all your POP3 emails, and encrypting using enigmail


Internet Security:

NordVPN             Creates encrypted ‘tunnel’, connecting you to another server and changes your self-identifying IP address

TAILS/TOR          The Amnesic Incognito Live System/The Onion Routing network



  1. NordVPN
  2. Encrypted email (GPG Encryption)

For off shore email, I recommend UNSEEN.IS  (they offer free accounts too, or you can upgrade)

  1. KeePass
  2. Veracrypt
  3. TAILS/TOR (Persistent)

KANGURU TRUST (flash drive) – I use this for TAILS/TOR operating system

  1. pgp4usb

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