Rep Matt Shea’s Facebook page:

“HB 2362- On a positive note your Freedom Team hung Rep. Young’s amendment on HB 2362 to preserve two-party consent in a surprise parliamentary move.  On a negative note we passed out of the House HB 2362 which allows for government agencies to use body cameras to prosecute our Farmers, Ranchers, and Patriots for misdemeanors captured as INCIDENTAL FOOTAGE. It allows the government to capture and catalog license plates, facial recognition, and virtually any other information.  Folks THIS IS THE SURVEILLANCE STATE.… #1984″

HB 2362 House Floor Debate [Video]

Rep Matt Shea 1 hour 14:46
Rep David Taylor 1 Hour 19:45


There were references to George Orwell’s movie, 1984 pointing out this bill could allow government into all aspects of our personal lives.