Damage Control Incorporated…
Oops, now he didn’t actually say they were militia, only that citizens perceived them as militia. Huh?


So now we have a group of men in three vehicles who left the armory in three different directions, as observed by Biels.

– He followed one of them to a McDonalds
– He stated that the citizens in town “perceived” them as militia, although they didn’t have shirts that actually said ‘Militia’
– When he asked them what their business was, they lied and said they were businessmen looking for a location to start a business in town. (at the Armory?)
– Biels called sheriff’s deputy to the McDonalds who ran their names, made some calls, and discovered they were actually FBI agents.

Now all the damage-control articles are trying to say there’s nothing to see here, everyone just move along.

I’ll bet the FBI is putting out new directives to the agents operating in that area now, about what to say and not say if confronted by local authorities.