Tonight we are experiencing some technical difficulties.  JJS is working on producing Partisan Radio.  We did have a few announcements, updates and Eye on the Economy:

The Days of Noah, Book Two: Persecution only $.99 through 11/30
Individual First Aid Kits- IFAK SALE! $89

The Cost of Liberty – Pastor Jack Hibbs: The Pilgrims and Christian Roots of America
The Constitution Is The Solution -John Birch Society
Prepper Gift Ideas (List of Radio Free Redoubt Affiliate Links)
The Community: 299 Days, Book 3 (Audio Book on discount)
COME AND TAKE IT-BLACK FRIDAY EVENT. Now through Monday. 15% OFF everything store wide, shipping included. DISCOUNTED PRICE SHOWN AT CHECKOUT! No code necessary.
Land of Promise (Counter-Caliphate Chronicles Series Book 1)