“The last thing I would recommend is settling refugees in a community that doesn’t support them. Considering the (political) climate in North Idaho, we would not resettle refugees there.”

— Jan Reeves, director of the Idaho State Office of Refugees

In the Cd’A Press article, titled A Fabrication of Information, readers were given the assurance that there are no plans to bring in refugees to the north Idaho communities. So we can all go back to sleep, right? Au Contraire! Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty, and besides, we have to consider several things.

  1. The Source: The Coeur d’Alene Press has rightfully and euphemistically earned its reputation as the nick-named ‘Coeur d’Alene Pravda’. The Cd’A press has progressively championed leftist agendas, including homosexual “equality” and has marginalized and vilified Christian, conservative issues and their proponents. So a warning of caution is increasingly seems necessary when the ‘truth’ is presented by this publication, especially on controversial socio-political issues.
  2. Intelligence Indicators:

When analyzing the probability of a course of action by an adversary, you don’t pay attention to what they say, but rather, what they are doing – More importantly, what their previous patterns of activities, tactics, and methods are. In this case, we’re examining the culprit organization, World Relief Organization. And more specifically, World Relief Spokane and its director Mark Kadel. There are other indicators as well.

While they may guffaw at the notion that they’re intending to bring refugees into a community, it should make the hair on the back of your neck stand up when they toss their head back and force a laugh as they roll their eyes in Hillary fashion – almost always followed up with a denial and then an accusation of fear mongering, islamophobia, or fabrications of lies (or a combination thereof).

A. Kadel recently facilitated a meeting of pastors, reportedly to ask for ‘welcome packages’ to be given to inbound refugees. This is their modus operandi and is done quietly behind the scenes. The pieces are put in place and one day you notice Muslim garb on your streets about the same time your local paper does a human interest piece talking of the plight of the ‘new Americans’ and urging the community to bend over backwards (and forwards) to make them feel accepted.

B. Shortly afterward a local pastor announced in the church’s newsletter that they ‘welcome refugees’

C. Half Truth Alert: “There are no plans right now to resettle refugees in North Idaho right now,” said Kadel. They aren’t planning to bring refugees into north Idaho “right now” because there is much ground work to do first, just like what has happened in previous ‘target’ communities.

D. Half Truth Alert: “It isn’t done secretly by the dark forces of government,” he [Kadel] said. “In fact, it is a fairly long process.”

Later in the article, “…adding he is not sure how many they will take because those decisions are still being made in Washington, D.C.”

It actually IS done by the dark forces of the Obama administration. But the front lines work is done by non-government organizations (NGOs), such as World Relief Spokane, and about 180 other such organizations which compete for a slice of the pie in a billion dollar industry (at the tax payers’ expense).   And it is a long process, which begins with approaching leaders in the community, especially the church leaders, to convince them of what a great ministry opportunity this would be, and that bringing in a demonically-inspired culture which has vowed to dominate you is the ‘Christian thing to do’.

E.  Recently, a Craigslist ad was placed under the following:

Monthly Newsletter for Syrian Refugees (Coeur d’Alene)

no pay

Hi there! Local non-profit looking for someone who is up to date on current middle eastern / world affairs to connect with founder on a monthly basis and compose a basic newsletter for donors and supporters on our victories and needs supporting Syrian Refugees in camps in Lebanon, Jordan, and Turkey. Vision casting and support appeal, looking for someone with passion to help. Please contact us if you can dedicate a few hours a month volunteering your creative talent for a great cause ! 🙂

F.  “Kadel said his organization would place refugees in a community only if that community supported the program.”   And by “that community” they normally mean they’ve privately approached a select few members of that community (pastors, city council, human rights groups) and convince them of all the ‘benefits’ to their community. Once the right people have accepted the sales pitch, the community mysteriously supports the refugee ‘seed community’ program, although the citizens are generally unaware of the scheme until the refugees are entrenched among them. Twin Falls, Idaho is one example. The people don’t want it there, and they’ve been very vocal, but with the left-leaning news media and a select few community leaders championing the refugee resettlement, the citizens have found themselves having to fight tooth and nail to protect their communities.

Interesting that the article states: Reeves said. “The last thing I would recommend is settling refugees in a community that doesn’t support them. Considering the (political) climate in North Idaho, we would not resettle refugees there.”

Pardon us for being a bit gun shy, but a select few in our communities have a proven track record of forcing agendas on the communities that don’t support them. This has led to suspicion and a breach of trust.

Just to be clear, we don’t want our communities ‘seeded’ with Muslim refugees, especially those who do not wish to assimilate to become Americans, but rather to integrate and eventually dominate. Just ask the Europeans who that’s worked out for them.

Our legislators should be working diligently to craft laws that would protect Idaho communities by requiring full disclosure at the very least. Additionally, laws concerning welfare, inevitable burdens on schools, devaluation of property and protection from the development of slums, and circumvention to conflicts between Idaho laws and foreign, counter-American laws and customs.

We must be proactive now.