Fellow Christian Patriots,

The White House has released its very aggressive plan, called ‘The White House Task Force on New Americans’ – A Federal Strategic Action Plan on Immigrant & Refugee Integration.


There is no single issue that places us, our Judeo-Christian heritage, and our culture, in more irreversible peril than the issue of forced acceptance of Muslim enclaves into our communities.  Although we should always be ready to seize opportunities to spread the gospel, this is not something we should be gleefully greeting with open arms as a ‘ministry opportunity.’  We are to go into the world to spread the good news, not open the gates to let the Amalekites and Philistines in in hopes of winning them over.

Action plan – Immediately begin pressuring your legislators to begin crafting legislation that puts the power and decisions into the hands of the people regarding the forced acceptance of ‘refugee’ seed communities.  We must become a pocket of resistance to this agenda, from the citizen to the legislator, and the county and city governments in between.  Decentivize this using economic, legislative, tax code, housing, and any other mechanism conceivable.  If your legislator doesn’t want to act like this is worth fighting, then we’ll replace them.   The stakes are just too high.

If the nation wishes to go down this destructive path, then let the American Redoubt be the region that appeals to Heaven for protection, wisdom, and the courage to stand, regardless of the accusations, the name calling, and the pressure.  We simply cannot care what others think or say when we draw a line and say “not here.”  Let them be angry.


-John Jacob Schmidt