The strategy has been revealed and they’re proud of their handiwork.  This could be just the machination that God is using for executing judgment on our nation.  Pray for His remnant, and for His hand of protection over the American Redoubt.  If we are to be protected, we must appeal to Heaven! full PDF strategy for ‘integrating’ foreigners into our culture is linked at the bottom of this posting.  These are not Americans, but rather a ‘new type’ of American.  The problem with “fundamentally transforming America” is that there are too many Americans.  So, doesn’t it stand to reason that integrating ‘new Americans’ will result in a new America?

Do you still think fighting for lower taxes should be our highest priority?  We’re past that.

The Truth – They don’t even attempt to hide their agenda any longer, and they’re telling us exactly how they intend to do it.

“We see this report as a beginning.  In the coming months, the Task Force will begin to implement its strategic goals and recommendations.
Critical to the success of our implementation efforts are maintaining a continued, coordinated effort across the federal government
as well as an open dialogue with stakeholders. None of this can, nor should, be done by the federal government alone.  The pillars of civic, economic,
and linguistic integration cannot be supported without the collaboration of state and local governments, the nonprofit and private sectors, schools, philanthropic organizations, community-based organizations, immigrant and refugee-serving organizations, religious institutions, and private citizens. Only with a sustained effort from all of us can we ensure that the aintegration of new Americans remains a national priority.



“…our nation has drawn great strength from its tradition of welcoming new Americans to our shores.
It is what makes America exceptional…”
Note from JJS:  The only source of our nation’s strength is the Lord, who has blessed us abundantly.  Those who came to our shores in the past did come to become Americans, but that is not the case today.  These are not new Americans, they are a fundamentally new ‘type’ of citizen, who’s culture is antithetical to Americanism and our Judeo-Christian heritage and traditions.  What makes America exceptional is our constitution, our Christian faith, and our love of truth and justice.  We are exceptional because we have enjoyed God’s favor because it was founded by God-honoring men, but we have used up that capital.  If we don’t turn back to the Lord and humble ourselves and cry out to him, we will be no more exceptional than Israel or Judah when they were delivered into the hands of their enemies and went into captivity for their rebelliousness against God.
The Half Truth
“…the White House Task Force on New Americans, an interagency effort to develop a coordinated
federal strategy to better integrate immigrants into American communities.”
Note from JJS:  This is not only misleading, this is deceptive.  They are not immigrants.  True immigrants don’t “integrate”, they ASSIMILATE.  These are two distinct words with different meanings.  Integration means the invading culture maintains it’s identity and foreign charactaristics, but merely functions (or parasitically attaches) to the host culture.  Assimilation is to become American.  This is when one sheds his previous culture, blends in with the new, and there is no distinct difference between the loyalties and values of the immigrant and that of the host (receiving) culture.
 New Americans White House
More lies
“Economic Benefits of Immigrant and Refugee Integration”
“A large body of academic research has shown that immigration benefits the U.S. economy as a whole, the communities in which immigrants live, and the businesses where they work.  Immigrants increase the size of the population and thus of the labor force and customer base, making an important contribution to economic growth…”
Note from JJS:  The benefactors of foreign integration only a amount to a handful of parties:  Refugee placement and social workers on salaries; Large businesses who enjoy incentives from hiring subsidized labor; and slum lords.   So-called “immigrants” increasing the size of the population and thus the labor force does NOT benefit a nation whose unemployment rate is in the double digits, especially when foreigners are given preferential treatment in many job sectors.  Additionally, the human and monetary costs in government services, law enforcement and crime-related expenditures and loss of property, the degradation of property values, and the victims of crime (Robbery, rape, assault), which ALWAYS goes up when foreigners are ‘integrated’ into western communities, is not worth any amount of purported benefits.  Just ask the Swedes, or any other western European citizen.
Read the full report at the link below.  It is a PDF report produced for Barack Obama.  These people are a brood of vipers, liars, and traitors.