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There have been a few patriot websites and some conversations among the AmRRON group questioning the security of TAILS, TOR and Silent Circle. Some of the AmRRON members (including Kilo Papa-53) asked me to addresses these concerns. Is TAILS and TOR secure? The answer is:

TOR, TAILS and Silent Circle is better than nothing.

I would be cautions of anyone telling you using basic security is “not useful.” A simple question for them is what is unsecure about TOR, TAILS or Silent Circle?  P.S. Silent Circle is releasing the Black Phone 2 this month.  If you are a Patriot or Christian leader please consider the $650 price tag as a “stay out of jail assurance” policy.  Remember the life you save may not be your own.  The source code is open on the Internet for review. When they demonstrate that they do not have the expertise to review the source code, then you can ask them what about the existing audits of this software don’t you trust?  Either they know something I and several other dedicated computer software developers and system engineers, plus many professional cryptologist don’t know, in that case we would invite them to participate in this community and let us know, or they do not know and are giving you bad advice.

TOR, TAILS and Silent Circle are pretty good at reducing your exposure to bulk or mass surveillance. That is why we describing using encryption as “whispering” over the Internet. Yes, two patriots whispering in the back of the room may get the attention of the confidential informant that has infiltrated your group. He may even realize something is being said between the two, but he still has to use energy to figure out what is being said. We know that screaming at the top of your lungs from the podium will get their attention.  And that is what you do when you don’t use encryption. We know that nation states have created a surveillance state. They claim it is to keep us safe from terrorism. We suspect it is also to keep tabs on those who disagree with the government.  Recently Patrick Lewis of Rural Revolution wrote in her WND column titled Would a coup make things better?:
“It comes as no surprise that the federal government is fascinated – no, obsessed – with keeping tabs on anything and everything we do. Privacy no longer exists. Everything from media communications to the movement of our vehicles is recorded and stored in massive facilities such as the Utah Data Center. The government needs these data … you know, just in case. And why would such massive data ever be needed? There is endless speculation, of course, but ultimately, just as not paying your taxes eventually leads to men with guns, it is to prevent a citizen uprising. In short, a coup. Like slave owners, our overseers are petrified that we will revolt. History has shown, over and over again, that a people can take oppression for only so long before they rise up in explosive anger. That is, after all, what the Declaration of Independence was all about.”
I agree with her assessment.  I strongly suspect that the government is keeping tabs upon people who politically disagree with it, and are willing and capable of mounting a “…2nd Amendment defense” of liberty.

The American Redoubt Darknet (AmRD) sometimes we call it the Patriot Darknet, depending upon the audience are very skilled patriot computer administrators and developers.  After much investigation and review we suggested using the best technology that we could find  to lower your profile on line. We shared this research with the larger patriot community. Does this make you invisible? No it does not. May it reduce your online signature? Yes, there is strong evidence that it does. Does not using it make that information very easy for others to access? Yes, there are plenty of evidence of people not using encryption and anonymity tools and having their information compromised.

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