On Radio Free Redoubt, we have always emphasized the importance of being self reliant and that every family should have food storage and preps in place.  We recently teamed up with a patriot business, Food for Liberty.  They are distributors of NuManna food storage.  NuManna is top quality, certified GMO-free, no added MSGs, has a 25 year shelf life and actually tastes good! They also have Gluten Free options.

Why should I buy from NuManna with so many others out there?

(NuManna’s response) We developed our products with our own families in mind. We wanted easy-to-fix meals that weren’t full of chemicals and preservatives. We also wanted a product with superior taste that our family would want to eat today or tomorrow. We have developed high-quality meals free of MSG, GMOs and other undesirable additives. We offer NuManna for a great price and give our customers several different ways to buy, including monthly shipments and package discounts. We have the highest packaging standards in the industry. 5 mm over-engineered bags with resealable tops and oxygen absorbers help provide true 25+ year shelf life. Not all storable foods are created equal. If you are considering storable foods we believe NuManna is the perfect choice for your family’s pantry.

Food for Liberty is a patriot owned business and is located in the American Redoubt!  Visit the Food for Liberty website to learn more about NuManna and different food storage options for your family.