In the American Redoubt, we are looking forward to enjoying homemade soups now that the weather is cooling down.  We decided to can some vegetable beef soup to add to our preps.

First, we washed the quart jars and started prepping the ingredients.

Filling the jars was pretty simple since all of the ingredients cook during the pressure canning process.
filling jars

Once the jars were filled up, we added some tomato paste, a few spices and a rich beef stock.  We processed the quarts for 90 minutes at 12 lbs pressure in the All American Pressure Cooker/Canner

Note: Be sure to follow your pressure canner instructions and make adjustments based on your recipe and elevation.
put in canner

Here is a photo of the final product! This will be a nice addition to our pantry and preps!
jars out of canner

One of the jars did not seal after we removed it from the canner,  so we were able to have a taste test! YUM!!


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